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Everything this client learned on the Lifestyle Course in taught is our video program Dating Power.

Client: Gary, 33, Melbourne, Australia

Gary is an intelligent guy who works in I.T and keeps a pretty quiet social life. Held back by a strong case of approach anxiety and social anxiety, Gary (age 33) had never been with a woman in his life. He was still a virgin. Yet, just two months after the course he took with The Modern Man, he found his first girlfriend!

Comments from Client

This weekend was the start of an amazing transformation – from needy, insecure, and desperate, to confident, self-assured, alpha-male. The Lifestyle Course is the answer for all guys who wonder why they never seem to have women attracted to them.

Prior to the course, I had read The Flow and found it spoke volumes about what it takes to spark attraction with women. Yet, it was one thing to read, and another to believe. Paralyzed by fear and self-doubt, I have been dominated with a negative mindset.

I instantly felt the judgment of others wherever I would go. Since this has been my normal way of thinking and acting, as a consequence my life has been in complete submission to others. So, it was not going to be easy to approach women, good looking or not!

Dan eased me into the approaches by picking easy groups to interact with and supplying what to initially say. I spent both nights hesitating a fair bit, probably speaking to 1 out of every 2 groups of women Dan suggested!

Some conversations I was able to hold for a little while, others were complete blow-offs. What I did end up with is a new- found understanding of myself: A freedom from negative beliefs, and expert advice on what I need to work on.

What I appreciated most about the course was the honesty. Dan’s critique was sharp and honest – exactly what I have wanted to hear all my life for the correction of my poor social skills. I was fortunate enough to have Ben join in on both nights.

Having the feedback of both Dan and Ben was like an added bonus. They have fed me with the information I need to move forward, and provided the momentum that I must now act on.

I will be recommending this course to all frustrated guys, and look forward to seeing how many guys can change their lives with what they learn. It is about more than meeting women – this is personal development at its best.

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