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Everything this client learned on the Lifestyle Course in taught is our video program Dating Power.

Client: C, Sydney, Australia. Age: 22

“C” was sick and tired of waiting to get lucky with women. He approached The Modern Man to get some help and here’s what happened…

Comments from Client

After so many years stumbling around in the wilderness where sometimes I would get lucky and other times strike out for apparently no reason (or so I thought), I decided to work out what I was doing right and what was wrong. I got a book called “The Game by Neil Strauss” which showed me what it was really like from a guy’s point of view about girls.

In some ways it made sense but in others something was missing. I tried to find out… I learned that these so called pick up artists were working on every continent so I had to see for myself. Reason being is that there’s no “Sports Tonight” equivalent of learning these techniques from TV. No “Play of the Day” so to speak.

I stumbled across the Modern Man website and found that these guys seemed to be the real deal and what’s more, they’re local. And what topped it off was that they proclaimed to make it natural. No gimmicks, no Happy Meals where you get a free toy, no buy one get one free trick.

So, I headed off to Melbourne and learned how to be a “Modern Man”. I realised and started understanding what things I was doing wrong and worked out what I was doing right and what I needed to improve. To top it off, Dan was my mentor and my guide throughout the course.

I never realised how natural it was for him and how it could be for me too. Until he showed me. It seemed so easy, fun and so interesting. It was like one continous party where you are kind of a “friend of friends” but need some encouragement to meet these women. Dan provided that nudge and feedback to do it.

As Dan, however mentioned, understanding is one thing, but doing is another. Like an amateur athlete, you have to keep on practising until it becomes routine, then, it becomes natural. The problem that most of us face though is there is no such dating coach readily available to help you improve your “swing”. Until now.

The Lifestyle course made me realise what I can achieve if I put the mindsets, methodologies and advice to work. What you learn on the course can both be used for good or “evil” purposes ;-). The course also is not just about picking up/hooking up it’s all about learning who you are and what makes a man a man and what makes a woman, well, fun and interesting.

So, if you’re hitting dead ends, sick of being the nice guy, sick of wondering WTF happened, only getting lucky and want to change your situation and/or current relationships or if you just need a reality check. Then try it out. Believe me you’ll learn something about yourself as well as others. How you use it, though is all up to you.

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