Girls are most attracted to a guy's confidence, so the secret to getting girls is to allow girls to experience your confidence when they interact with you. Then, simply escalate to kissing and sex.

Girls are most attracted to a guy's confidence, so the secret to getting girls is to allow girls to experience your confidence when they interact with you. Then, simply escalate to kissing and sex.

If you want to know how to get girls quickly and easily, do NOT leave this site! All of the best information is here. Read on...

Knowing how to get girls is the first step in becoming a man. Without sex, love and relationships in your life you can easily begin feel like a failure as a guy. You feel left out, frustrated and you want to change, but you don't know what you need to change so you can finally start hooking up with hot girls. Frustrated, you turn to porn and try to dull your desire, but your desire for real women never goes away. I know how that feels because I used to suck at getting girls, until I discovered the secrets that I now teach here at The Modern Man.

There are millions of "dating advice" sites online, but why should you choose to learn from me? What makes my advice the advice that actually works?

Why learn from me?

My name is Dan Bacon and I had sex with more than 250 women (some photos) before recently settling down into a relationship with my perfect girl. I've helped 1,000s of guys to experience the same type of success with women that I've enjoyed and I would be honored to help you too. Are you interested in learning my techniques for success with women?

Why Learn About How to Get Girls From Me?

My name is Dan Bacon and after suffering rejection and loneliness for years, I decided to learn how to get girls into my life. When I discovered what I now teach at The Modern Man, girls began flooding into my life. Eventually, it got to the point where I'd had my fun having sex with more than 250 women and then I recently settled down with my beautiful girlfriend, who is a perfect match for me. I have helped 1,000s of guys from all over the world to achieve the same type of success with women that I have enjoyed and I would be honored to help you too.

The fact is, 95% of the dating advice that you read online or watch in Youtube videos is NOT made my guys who are actually successful with girls in the real world. Most advice is written by people who are just guessing or simply pretending to be a legit dating guru like me. So, be careful who you learn from - most dating advice online is junk.

Getting Started on Your Mission to Get Girls

In this article, I'm going share some beginner tips on how to get girls. Before I do though, I want to ask you a few, important questions:

  • Do you often get nervous or shy when you're in the presence of a beautiful girl that you like?
  • When you see a girl that you want to approach, do you sometimes think "I don't know what to say to her?" ...and then completely miss out on meeting her, even though she could have been the perfect girl for you?
  • Are you the type of guy who (mistakenly) thinks that to get girls, you have to be good looking?
  • Do you fear being rejected if you ask a girl out and she doesn't like you the same way as you like her?
  • Do you fear being embarrassed or humiliated in front of other people if you approach a girl?
  • Are your friends unable to help you get girls because they are either in a relationship with a woman that they scored by luck, or just don't know what advice to give you to fix your problems?

If you answered "Yes" to any of those questions, then I have some good news for you: I can help you fix all of those problems quickly and easily. Watch the video below to learn how I can help you with each of those specific areas:

Get Girls Like it's the Easiest Thing in the World

When it comes to subject of how to get girls, most guys see it as a really complicated process and believe that girls have all the power of choosing who they date and have sex with. I'm here to tell you that it is the exact OPPOSITE. In the past, I struggled to get any girls because I didn't what to say to get girls interested in me. I would try to impress girls and hope that they liked me, but I was doing it wrong.

I'd also worry about being rejected by a girl and humiliated in front of everyone else if I tried to talk to her. As a result, I came across as shy and girls didn't take much of an interest in me. Most girls would just ignore me and the ones who were nice to me would see me as "just a friend." Eventually, after a couple of years of solid research, including approaching girls in bars, at parties, on the street and anywhere else I could find them, I made some amazing discoveries that COMPLETELY turned the tables and gave me what I call Dating Power.

These days, I don't have to sit around trying to work out how to get girls. When I talk to a girl, I know that she will be interested in me and if she is single, she will usually at least have sex with me or give me her phone number so we can arrange a first date. After having sex with more than 250 women, I am now not available for new girls, but they still want me. If I was single again, I would do what I had always did: Walk up, talk to her and then get her phone number to set up a date that will lead to sex or I simply have sex with her on the first night.

Knowing how to get girls this easily has given me a certain power that most guys simply don't have. These days, when I'm out in a social situation, I can tell within SECONDS if a guy knows what I know about women. The guys who are clueless will usually have a certain look on their face, which only girls and a select few men (including me) can see. This look reveals to girls that the guy feels inferior to women and is hoping to get lucky, which is a turn off for girls. The truth, girls actually LOVE it when they come across a guy who believes that HE has the power of choice and that women are lucky to get with HIM. As I said earlier, I used to suck at getting girls and I've managed to change that by using certain techniques and understanding what girls really want from us guys. If you are sincere about wanting to get laid like a rockstar, turn your female friend into your girlfriend or find yourself a perfect girlfriend, then learn from me. Don't go wasting time looking around the internet and trying to learn from idiots who aren't even successful with women. I'm the guy who actually teaches this stuff for real.

I am about to teach you everything you need to know about how to get girls the natural and easy way. Then, once you've found a girl you want - my techniques ensure that you'll be able to keep her interested and enjoy a sexual, loving relationship with her.

Your success with women is about to go through the roof if you are willing to let me help you. Get started

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Dan Bacon

My name is Dan Bacon and I used to be hopeless with women. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get women to like me and I was single and lonely for many years.

When I discovered the secrets that I now teach here at The Modern Man, women began flooding into my life and I've had my choice with women ever since.

I've already helped 1,000s of guys to achieve instant success with women and I would love to help you too. View success stories. If you're sick and tired of not getting the results you want with women and want to try something that is guaranteed to work, then get started here.