At The Modern Man, we’ve literally lost count of the number of times that we’ve encountered guys who’ve said something like, “I’m too nice to women and they treat me like crap! Why does this happen?”

So, why does it happen? Why do women treat nice guys so badly? Why can’t women see that the nice guy has good intentions and would treat her way better than the bad boy, jerk or asshole who she is sleeping with?

It’s simple and it all comes back to making a woman feel the way that she REALLY wants to feel. Watch this video by Dan Bacon (founder of The Modern Man) to understand the simple solution that will stop you getting rejected by women based on how nice you are…

Two Examples of Being Too Nice to Women

Guys get stuck in the “nice guy” persona (or act) for various reasons. Here are two examples of typical nice guys…

1. He’s got a lot of female friends, but none of them want to have sex with him.

This type of guy has many beautiful women friends and acquaintances and gets along with them really well. At times, it’s almost like he’s “one of the girls” because he can gossip with them, go shopping with them and talk on the phone for hours.

He is polite, sweet, generous and caring; a real nice guy. He listens to all their problems and he often offers them a shoulder to cry on when they are feeling down or having guy troubles. This “nice guy” is always available if a woman calls, and when she needs something he’s definitely the guy she calls to her rescue.

With all of this attention and all the time spent together it’s difficult to imagine that this woman isn’t interested in him, and yet, when it comes to dating, she will always go out with the “bad boys” or guys that he perceives to be confident jerks or assholes.

No matter how great of a friendship he manages to build with a girl that he likes, he is always left feeling hurt and left out when it comes to love and sex.

2. He’s nice, but women still don’t want to be his friend or have sex with him.

Another type of nice guy is the one who doesn’t even get as far as being the “good friend.”

He is they guy who walks into a bar, a club, the mall, the gym, or wherever, sees a beautiful woman and decides to approach her. He walks up to her in a submissive way and tries to start a conversation.

Again he’s polite, sweet and overly nice; he puts this woman (and all the women he approaches) on a pedestal and she in turn… treats him like crap! She shoots him down, behaves in a stuck up or even rude way, or she simply ignores him. This guy slinks away feeling bruised and wondering what he did wrong; “I was nice to her wasn’t I? Why did she reject me?”

How Women Perceive Guys Who are Too Nice

Ultimately it’s all about perceptions. If you are being too nice to women, you are sending out the wrong messages. Unfortunately, the messages that you are sending out are not necessarily what you would want them to be, because women perceive guys who are too nice as being:

  • Mentally and emotionally weak.
  • Submissive.
  • Easy to manipulate.
  • A push over.
  • Boring.
  • Lacking in confidence.
  • Easily dominated.

If you’re the kind of guy who’s going around saying “I’m too nice to women,” then one of the most important things that you need to come to terms with is this..

Women don’t want you to be that nice to them. Women want to meet a good guy, but they don’t want an ass-kissing wimp who they can manipulate. If women could get what they really want in a guy, it would be a good guy alpha male.

You Are Either an Alpha Male or You’re Not

Men can be divided into 2 categories; they are either:

1. Alpha males, or;

2. Lower ranking males.

The differences between alpha males and lower ranking males are huge; and these differences are what guarantee that the alphas get all the girls.

Alpha males are strong (not in muscle strength but mentally and emotionally), confident, dominant and self assured. They know how to confidently approach a woman, how to flirt with her and how to make her feel attraction for them.

Lower ranking males are mentally and emotionally weak, submissive and lack confidence; they put women above themselves in terms of dominance.

Why Women are Attracted to Alpha Males

Women are attracted to alpha males for many reasons but it all mostly boils down to instinct. Women instinctively pick the worthiest male in the pack because he:

  • Makes her feel safe.
  • Is capable of protecting her and her (potential) offspring.
  • Is going somewhere in his life.
  • Is interesting and fun to be with.
  • Makes her feel good about herself.
  • Makes her feel like a real woman.

Why Women are NOT Attracted to Nice Guys

Just as women find alpha males irresistible, so too do they find lower ranking males (nice guys) totally undesirable.

As the common expression denotes “nice guys finish last” and this is because they are usually behaving in some or all of the following ways:

1. Lacks self confidence.

A guy who lacks self confidence tends to behave in a nervous and uptight way, and let’s be honest here, nervousness does not inspire confidence.

2. Has low self esteem.

No woman wants to be with a guy who constantly puts himself down and whose ego constantly needs propping up. Ultimately, if he feels that he’s not good enough for her then why would she waste her time with him. No woman wants to feel like she’s doing a guy a favor by dating him.

3. Is a bad conversationalist.

A guy who is too nice usually struggles to make interesting conversation because he’s too worried that he’s going to say something inappropriate that might offend her. Sticking to polite (boring) conversation is the quickest way to loose a woman’s interest.

Watch this video by Dan Bacon (founder of The Modern Man) to understand some of the classic mistakes that guys make during a conversation with a woman and what you need to do instead…

4. Doesn’t know how to flirt.

Flirting is one of the most important aspects of the human mating ritual. Sex begins with simple flirting and nice guys are just “too nice” to flirt, so they are never able to make it past the 1st level of interaction with a woman.

5. Waits to be chosen by the woman.

Nice guys don’t want to come across as being pushy so they wait (in vain) for the woman to make a move on them. A woman perceives this as lack of success because he is obviously not a go-getter when it comes to women, so it must mean that he’s not a go-getter in his life either.

6. Has no idea how to use body language to get the girl.

Body language is a vital component of attraction between a man and a woman. The body tells the other person things that you wouldn’t ordinarily say.

Nice guys don’t know how to use body language when they interact with women; something as simple as touching her hand or placing a hand on her knee or her shoulder can become so uncomfortable that she begins to feel tense and turned off.

7. Doesn’t know how to make her feel like a real woman.

Part of feeling attraction for a man is feeling sexy and seductive in his presence. If a man cannot make a woman feel like a real woman she begins to feel like she’s the one in control and that isn’t very sexy, or a turn on for her. If there is no spice, there is not attraction.

No More “Mr Nice Guy”

Isn’t it time you re-evaluated your approach to women? Do you really want to go around for the rest of your life saying “I’m too nice to women” and never getting the love, respect, sex and affection that you truly deserve from women?

Click around The Modern Man site and you will discover how to unleash the alpha male power with you. Prepare to say goodbye to lonely Mr Mice Guy and instead begin saying, “Hello ladies…” to the many women who will now be feeling attracted to you and wanting to be with you sexually…

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