Confidence is a state of mind that you create throughout your life, based on the way you think and reflect on your experiences.

Some people think in a way that causes them to feel confident, self-assured and happy, while others think in a way that causes them to feel nervous, insecure and unhappy. In other words, you are responsible for your confidence. It’s not something that only “special people” have; anyone can be confident.

Confidence is the #1 Thing That Women Look For in a Man

Women are most attracted to confident men and most turned off by men who lack confidence (e.g. nervous, shy and insecure men). Why? For most of human history and still to this day, surviving has been a challenge.

Even though we now have computers, supermarkets and fast-food, we are still just a tornado or flood away from basic survival. All of sudden, the power grid shuts down, supermarkets run out of stock, gas stations are emptied and we are back to fending for ourselves once again.

It is for this reason that women are still attracted to confident, alpha males who will be able to stand strong and survive when faced with challenges. Women don’t want to be the men and have to protect wimpy guys when life gets tough.

Dating is 100% Easier When You Are Confident

When a guy who lacks confidence approaches a woman:

  • His fear and self-doubt will turn the woman off.
  • His will create awkward silences during the conversation by being afraid to speak his mind and be his true self.

The woman will feel as though she needs to be gentle with him and will end up feeling stronger than him, mentally and emotionally. She will feel turned off at a deep level, but if the guy is like most guys, he won’t realize that she is rejecting him because of his lack of confidence. He will likely assume that women judge men on looks, women only want guys with big muscles, or that he is too short, fat or bald. Yet, the truth is, she is rejecting him because of his mental and emotional weakness. She would happily hook up with him, if he would only just believe in himself.

When a confident guy approaches a woman:

  • He easily makes the woman laugh, enjoy the conversation and feel comfortable around him.
  • His confidence makes her feel rushes of sexual attraction, which makes it easy for him to then kiss her or have sex with her that night.
  • He knows how to smoothly steer the conversation, so there are no awkward pauses in conversation and he and the woman can talk for hours about subjects that interest both of them.

If you happen to fall into the category of the guy that lacks confidence, I have some good news for you: The only way you can go from here is up! My confidence-building techniques will help you to become completely comfortable interacting with women and change you into the guy who can get the attention and interest of any woman.

Becoming Confident: You Really Can Do it

Here are 3 confidence-building techniques that you can use today:

1. Get uncomfortable: The reason why you still lack dating confidence as an adult, is that you have been sticking to what you’re comfortable with.

The only way to build confidence is to get outside your comfort zone and face the fear that is holding you down. When you put yourself in situations that make you feel uncomfortable, you are forced to grow. After a while, you feel confident in those situations and can then step up to the next level.

2. Connect with your inner alpha male: A guy who thinks like an alpha male does not experience nervousness, anxiety, insecurity and self-doubt.

He has 100% self-belief in himself and pushes forward to success, even if he makes 100 mistakes along the way. He doesn’t let a mistake cause him to lose confidence and begin to doubt himself; he knows that he can achieve whatever he puts his mind to and as a result, he usually does!

3. Practice: For your confidence to grow, you must work on it daily until it becomes natural and automatic for you to feel confident. If you’ve been out of the dating scene for a while, then ease yourself back into it by going out once a week.

You can build confidence by doing nothing; you have work at it and build it over time. If you use the right confidence building techniques, it will happen within a few weeks.

However, if you use amateur advice or go in the wrong direction, it might be years before you realize that you’re still not confident and are still suffering from nervousness, anxiety and insecure. So, if you’re going to build confidence, make sure that you do it right.

Why Learn From Me?

My name is Dan Bacon and my mission in life is to help you succeed with women. I used to suffer from a lack of confidence around women, but I fixed that and my life changed. Since then, I have helped 1,000s of guys to overcome their insecurities and transform into a confident man, by using my confidence building techniques.

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