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  • Media/press videos: The Modern Man dating web site has also featured in the media on a number of occasions. If you’d like to watch a couple of videos, featuring men meeting women in bars and The Modern Man coaches explaining some of the ways to attract women. Watch videos.
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Many guys feel as though dating will be difficult for them because they aren’t good looking enough, tall enough or rich enough. Over the years, we’ve heard all the excuses that guys make to explain their lack of success with women.

Yet, the problem is actually about the guy not being able to make women feel attracted to him during a conversation. If you are unable to attract women by what you say and do during a conversation, women will judge you on how you look, how much money you make, etc.

The approach that works for every guy is to actively make women feel attracted to him during a conversation, by saying and doing things that are naturally attractive to women.

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