The interesting thing about shyness is that it is self-created.

The way you think either causes you to feel happy or sad, shy or confident, fearful or fearless. You are in control and you are deciding to be shy. So, one of the biggest steps to overcome shyness is to decide to start being confident.

Confidence, like shyness, is self-created. You have to create more confidence for yourself by gathering positive evidence to support your growing belief in yourself. For example:

After a while, you gather so much positive evidence to support your confidence that shyness feels unnecessary and irrelevant. It’s no longer useful or applicable.

Feeling Confident Enough to Approach Women

Do you feel shy, nervous or anxious before approaching a beautiful woman? Imagine what your life would be like if you didn’t feel that shyness, anxiety or nervousness before approaching.

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Using Shyness as a Social Strategy

Some guys make the mistake of thinking that if they act like a shy, vulnerable, nice guy that the world will take pity on them. It becomes their secret social strategy and their way of getting through life, but it isn’t effective and only ends up causing them more problems as they get older.

As a boy, many shy guys get lots of a love, attention and pity from their parents. He learns that if he behaves like an innocent, vulnerable boy, people will feel sorry for him and will “go easy” on him. However, when it comes to meeting and attracting women, the opposite is true.

Women test men to see how strong they really are (mentally and emotionally) and if the guy buckles under the pressure (e.g. becomes nervous, shy or anxious), the woman knows that he’s not strong enough to handle a girl like her.


As a man, if you want to be successful with women and in life, you have to make the decision to become stronger than you are right now. You can’t go through life battling shyness and hoping that women and the world take pity on you.

You have to stand up and be a strong man for yourself, for women and for the world. Don’t hide from your true potential out of fear. Get clear on who you are and what you want from life and then go after it with unrelenting determination.

Use your clarity and purpose in life to feel confident in yourself instead of feeling shy and unworthy around beautiful women and the cool crowd.

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