When it comes to dating and relationships, women expect us men to know all sorts of stuff and if we don’t, they reject us, overlook us, cheat on us or dump us.

That may feel like women aren’t fair, but it’s just how nature works. We men either know what we’re doing with women or we don’t. If we don’t, we will suffer the consequences now or in the long run.

As a man, you’re pretty much expected to know what a woman is thinking – and what she wants you to be thinking at any given time – simply by:

  1. Observing her body language.
  2. Reading “in between the lines” of her behavior.
  3. Listening for clues in what she says…and doesn’t say during a conversation.
  4. Watching for clues based on what she does and doesn’t do.
  5. Knowing what makes a woman angry, happy, sad, frustrated, delighted, etc with a man.

The Big Juicy Mystery That is the “Woman”

If women are a bit of a mystery to you right now, you might feel a confused about where to begin on your quest to understand and conquer the big juicy mystery that is the “woman.”

For some guys, being on a date or being in a conversation with a woman that they are very attracted can be a confusing, anxiety-producing experience. He wants her to like him, but he has no idea how to make her feel attracted to him.

Trying to understand what women want can seem so difficult that some guys choose to avoid women altogether and end up going through their life feeling lonely, left out and miserable. Week after week, they masturbate to porn to dull their built up sexual desire and hope that one day, something will change.

Yet, nothing creates nothing. You’ve got to do something to make something happen. You’ve got to actively approach women and interact with women so you can attract them and have sex or begin a relationship with them.

What Makes Her Feel Like a Real Woman?

While some things about women might be more difficult to understand than others, the #1 thing that a woman expects you to know is how to make her feel like a real woman.

A woman feels like a real woman when she’s in the presence of a real man.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 16, 26, 36, 46 or 56 – the same rules apply. You are either what women (at that age) refer to as a real man or you’re not. You either make her feel girly in your presence because of how masculine you feel to her, or you don’t.

The AMAZING, EXCITING, THRILLING and HYPNOTIC sexual dynamic that is created when a man behaves like a man and thus allows a woman to behave like a woman, is one of the most beautiful and sought after experiences for us humans.

Women CRAVE the experience, but most guys don’t know how to give it to women. Most guys simply use the nice guy approach and hope to get lucky with a woman who is nice enough to give them a chance.

Being the Man That Women Are Desperate to Find

To make a woman feel like a real woman, you’ve got to be what she refers to as a real man. These days, most guys haven’t been taught how to be a real man and aren’t entirely sure how a real man talks, walks, behaves, thinks and responds to life.

Unfortunately, most fathers out there basically “learn on the job” when it comes to raising their children (my dad included!) and when it comes to their relationship, most of them got lucky and stumbled into it and usually don’t understand what it takes to be successful at picking up women in the first place and then being able to maintain not just a relationship where the man and woman “put up with each other,” but a relationship full of sexual passion, exciting love and heart-warming happiness.

When they “pass on” on their “knowledge” to their sons, it is usually filled with all sorts of insecurities, mistaken assumptions and outdate “dating advice” like buying flowers, being really nice, asking to kiss her, arriving to the date with a gift, etc.

All women yearn to experience the exhilarating sexual sparks that ignite when they find themselves in the company of a real man. If you don’t know how to be that guy, you will always be Mr.

Average to women and in the modern world, where women are more ready and willing to divorce or break up, being Mr. Average is a sure ticket to an unhappy relationship or a devastating conversation that starts with, “We need to talk” and continues on with, “I’ve been sleeping with someone else…and I’m in love with him. I’m sorry, but we are finished.”

1. She Wants You to Know How to Lead Her

In a woman’s eyes, a real man is a man who makes the rules.

She’s looking for a guy who knows who he is, knows his own mind and knows where he’s going in life, so she’s looking for a guy who has already made his own rules – and is sticking by his own rules. Likewise, a woman is deeply turned off by a man who looks to her to establish and enforce the “rules of the relationship.”

The same applies to an initial conversation with a woman. A lot of guys make the mistake of waiting to see really obvious signs that the woman is interested in talking to him before he feels comfortable doing so. An alpha male doesn’t do that. He makes his own rules.

He does what he wants and women love and respect that. However, when a guy PRETENDS that he has the confidence of an alpha male, all a woman has to do to find out if he is a fake, is put even more pressure on him by being bitchier, colder or by not really engaging in the conversation other than short replies like, “I don’t know” and “Oh, okay.”

Guys who don’t actually know how to be a true alpha will be revealed as a fake in those moments and the woman will be turned off.

2. She Wants You to Know That She Wants to Chase YOU

According to all available historical data and research, women have always been instinctively attracted to the men who proved themselves to be the best survivors. In earlier times, that would have meant being able to hunt and provide and in modern times it means being able to succeed in your career and provide.

Women always want to be with an alpha male because he usually offers the best chance of survival and safety. However, since he is the type of man that most women want, he can have his choice with women and is usually not an easy catch. For most women, to successfully attract and secure an alpha male into a relationship means that they have to chase after HIM and do whatever it takes to get HIS attention.

If you haven’t grown up around male role models who could teach you HOW to be an alpha male (one part of being what women refer to as a real man), consider learning from us here at The Modern Man. We are the experts in this field and have been teaching guys the secrets to success with women for almost a decade now. It’s not your fault that you currently don’t know how to be an alpha male, but it will be your fault if you continue living life as a lower ranking male!

As I always say, “You only know what you know. You can’t know what you don’t know if you don’t learn.” The answers are only a few clicks away, but it’s up to you to take the next step and learn the real secrets to success with women.

Being an alpha male doesn’t mean becoming a jerk, an asshole or a bossy prick. What we teach here at The Modern Man is how to be a good guy alpha male. If you think about the men that you look up to and respect most in life, they will almost certainly be good guy alpha males.

Most guys go through life never feeling like they deserve the title of alpha male because they assume that the alpha male has to be the leader of the pack all the time. That’s how it works for wolves and wild dogs, but not for humans.

Being a human alpha male is a lot more simple and enjoyable than that.

3. She Wants You to Know What Type of Man is REALLY Attractive to Women

Most guys will say, “Oh, you have to be tall, dark and handsome. Rich and famous. Drive an expensive car and have a big penis.” Yet, they forget to look around the REAL WORLD and see that MOST beautiful women are MADLY IN LOVE will guys who don’t have any of those traits.

Furthermore, guys who make the all too common mistake of lavishing sweet attention on a woman they’ve just met and then being harshly rejected, will often to jump to the conclusion that being “nice” doesn’t work.

They then conclude that it must be true that women are only interested in “bad guys” or tall, dark and handsome guys or rich men or guys with a big penis. Wrong! She doesn’t want a “bad” guy who is going to treat her mean to keep her keen, she wants a strong “good” guy. When you learn the difference between the two, you will finally understand what it is that a woman really wants and you instantly be on your way to becoming one of the guys that women are willing to chase after.

In today’s world, you don’t need to be able to outrun a saber-toothed tiger to be a “protector” and you don’t need bulging biceps to be strong either, but you do need to have strength of character and the confidence to walk to the beat of your own drum.

When you’ve got that, you’ve got what it takes to let a woman know you’re the “real deal” and she’s not going to want to let you get away…but, of course, she won’t want to tell you that straight away because she EXPECTS you to know it and wants to experience the thrill of the chase.

It might seem like a pointless game to you, but that is what women want to experience when they come across a guy they like. Getting her to chase you and earn your affection allows the right type of relationship dynamic to be created and also allows her to fall in love more rapidly.

4. She Wants You to Know How Be a Man, No Matter How Old/Young You Are

The bottom-line is that women want men to be men so that they can be women and this applies whether the woman is 16, 26, 36, 46 or 56. A woman wants to feel “weak at the knees” when she’s around a guy and she wants a guy to know how to do that without having to tell him.

If she has to tell a guy how to be a man, the exciting sexual chemistry just won’t be created.

You cannot create the exciting sexual chemistry that women yearn to experience, simply by being a normal guy. You have to be what they refer to as a real man. If you’re not, it just isn’t going to happen. You might be able to get lucky and start a few relationships, but they will fizzle out over time because once a woman loses respect for you (she will lose respect for you when you fail to be a man in critical moments), she then begins to lose attraction and once she loses attraction, she begins to fall out of love for you.

A woman will never love a guy who ISN’T a real man as much as she will love as a real man. She could be in a relationship for 10 years with a normal guy and 2 months with a real man and she will love the real man 100 times more.

It’s like you being in a relationship with an unattractive or barely-attractive woman and then being in a relationship with a beautiful woman who also has all the personality traits and qualities you really want in a woman.

When a woman is as young, say 18 years old, she may not be using “real man” in her vocabulary to describe all of this. Instead, she may say “hot guy” or “sexy guy” to describe how he makes her feel. However, as women get older, you will hear them asking, “Where are all the real men??” when they talk about how guys behave these days.

If no-one has ever taught you to be what women (of your age) refer to as a real man, then I am here to help you. Click around my site and continue learning. Each article you read or video you watch will open your mind and provide you with useful ways to begin attracting women and making them see you as a real man.

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