General Questions

1. What immediate benefits can I expect by reading The Flow?

A huge sense of relief for starters! When you know how to talk to and attract women you meet, it takes a LOT of pressure off you as a man. It allows you to start enjoying your life with women, instead of getting rejected and feeling “left out” when everyone else is enjoying love, sex and relationships.

You will also:

  • Keep a conversation going and keep it interesting.
  • Get a woman interested and then walk away with her phone number within minutes.
  • Start dating higher quality women.
  • Be more respected, desired and loved by women.
  • Be looked up to and respected by other guys.
  • Get out of the friend zone with a girl you like.
  • Feel totally confident in any social situation.
  • Overcome your fear of rejection.
  • Call women and get a “Yes” response every time you suggest a date.
  • Begin enjoying more choice with women, rather than hoping to get lucky or settling for unattractive women.
  • Be able to instantly find a replacement girlfriend if you end a relationship with a woman.
  • Get laid more often.
  • Stop women from playing hard to get.
  • Eliminate insecurities and self-doubts that you have when it comes to women.
  • Create irresistible sexual tension between you and the women you meet, rather than just being seen as a boring nice guy.
  • Avoid awkward moments or silences by knowing exactly what to say and do when talking to women.
  • Feel a lot happier thanks to your new, more confident personality and the many great women in your life.
  • Pick up women during the day or night.
  • …and much more.

2. What are the long term benefits?

You will:

  • Have your choice with women, rather than having to take whatever you can get with women.
  • Enjoy loving, sexual relationships with the types of women you’ve always wanted.
  • Have a great woman (or women) to introduce to your friends, family or workmates.
  • Avoid wasting years of your life hiding from what you really want with women.
  • Feel totally comfortable, knowing that if a relationship ends, you’ll be able to quickly and easily find another amazing woman.
  • Live with confidence and high self-esteem, because you will know that women love and want you.
  • …and much more.

3. What advantages will it give me over other guys, so girls go for me instead?

You won’t be making all of the mistakes that other guys make, so your conversations and interactions with flow more smoothly with women. Most guys who fail with women are not aware of the many mistakes they are making around women. When you use the techniques from The Flow, other guys will look on at you and wonder why women are so interested in you, but they won’t be able to work it out.

4. What is The Flow?

The Flow follows the steps of a natural sexual courtship. You literally flow from one step to the next with a woman and go from a conversation to kiss, sex and into a relationship. If you don’t want to escalate that quickly, you can use The Flow to go from a conversation to a phone number, date and then sex and a relationship. Unlike other books, The Flow doesn’t turn the whole process of meeting and dating a woman into a big, complicated mess. By using the techniques from The Flow, you will find it easy to meet and date the types of women you’ve always wanted.

5. Would The Flow benefit someone in their 40s?


I’ve coached guys from ages 18 to 57 in real-life situations (e.g. bars, bookstores, shopping malls) and taught them how to approach women and get phone numbers. Regardless of the guy’s age, nationality, or appearance, he is able to get the SAME results as any other guy. Why? Women are attracted to certain things about men regardless of age (e.g. confidence, humor, great conversation, flirting, alpha male traits, etc). By using the techniques in The Flow, women will be attracted to you and want to be with you regardless of your age. You will not be able to pick up EVERY woman, but you will be able to pick up many beautiful women.

6. I’m 18 yrs old. Will this book help me get women my age? Or is it just for older people?


The techniques in The Flow work regardless of your age. Once you know how to use this stuff, you areset for life! Women of all ages are attracted to the traits that you will learn about in The Flow. I guarantee it.

7. How many years did you (Dan Bacon, the author of The Flow) struggle with women before you got results?

Here’s my personal story of becoming good with women:

It took me a long time (1.5. years) to become good with women, because I didn’t have The Flow as my “how to guide” when I approached women. I had to learn everything the hard way by physically going out there and approaching women every weekend. I got rejected more times than I can count, before I started to discover the techniques that you can now learn in The Flow. For me, it took around 1.5 years until I was consistently getting the results I wanted (i.e. dating and having sex with beautiful women at once). Now, I often get e-mails from readers within weeks (sometimes DAYS) telling me that they’ve already achieved the same success that took me YEARS to work out how to do, simply by using the proven techniques from The Flow. See: Success stories

8. How difficult it is to use the techniques in real-life?

That’s almost like asking me, “How difficult is it to play a song on a guitar?”

If you’ve never approached women before, you’ll probably feel a bit nervous amd may even mess it up the first time. Then, once you’ve done it a few times it will be easy and straightforward. The same applies to learn how to play the guitar or another musical instrument: At first, you make mistakes and it feels a bit awkward, but with the right guidance and a bit of practice, you will be playing beautiful songs in no time at all. The faster you start use The Flow techniques in real-life situations, the faster you will get the results you want.

9. Does The Flow mainly focus on inner game or outer game techniques?

You need both to succeed, so I have included a nice blend of the two in The Flow. For those who don’t know what inner or outer game is:

  • Inner game techniques: Mindsets for confidence, techniques to overcome insecurity, ways to be more alpha, etc.
  • Outer game techniques: Conversation, flirting, humor, body language, etc.

10. What techniques will I be learning from The Flow?

Techniques for:

  • Approaching women.
  • Starting conversations.
  • Keeping conversations going.
  • Keeping conversations interesting.
  • Avoiding rejection.
  • Using humor to attract women.
  • Having unstoppable social confidence.
  • Attracting women.
  • Getting women interested in you immediately.
  • Maintaining a woman’s interest.
  • Creating a sexual vibe between you and a woman.
  • Building positive momentum in this area of your life.
  • Being an alpha male.
  • Adding more fun and excitement to your dates and relationships with women.
  • Being more sexually attractive to women.
  • Knowing when a woman is interested in you.
  • Knowing when to make a move.
  • Taking things to a sexual level with a woman (otherwise known as “escalating”).
  • Improving your social skills.
  • Connecting with women on general and deep levels.
  • Creating chemistry between you and the women you meet.
  • Creating sexual tension between you and the women you meet.
  • Meeting women in different environments.
  • Overcoming any insecurities, self-doubts or worries you have when it comes to approaching and interacting with women.
  • Getting phone numbers.
  • Setting up dates.
  • Dating women.
  • Getting a girlfriend.
  • Mastering your dating life.
  • …and much more.

When you apply what you learn from The Flow, you will be able to:

  • Successfully approach and meet women and easily walk away with phone numbers in minutes.
  • Enjoy fun and interesting conversations and connect with women in ways you never thought possible.
  • Cause women to show you very obvious signs of interest, so you can tell for SURE if they like you or not before you make a move.
  • Set up dates that go smoothly and lead to kissing, sex and a relationship.
  • Have women chasing you and trying to pick you up.
  • Experience a dating lifestyle that most guys will only ever dream of.
  • Feel comfortable, knowing that if a relationship ends, you will be able to quickly find a replacement girlfriend.
The Flow

Old edition: 127 pages / 43,792 words.
New edition: 231 pages / 80,088 words

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11. Can The Flow be applied to everyday social interactions?


When you start using the techniques, you will find that your interactions with women and people improve in many ways. Personally, when I started applying the techniques I went from being a shy guy, to being a socially confident and outgoing guy. I’ve received 1,000s of e-mails from readers reporting all sorts of benefits in their personal lives.

12. Do you also provide ways to attract women outside of a bar of club?


When you read The Flow, you will learn how to adjust your conversation starter (and conversation style) to suit the specific environment you are in. Guys who’ve read The Flow have found girlfriends in all sorts of places, such as: Bookstores, supermarkets, take-away stores, on the street, bars and clubs, at parties, on public transport and many other places. If you want more specific advice on meeting women in different environments, I also recommend that you listen to 21 Great Ways to Get a Girlfriend.

Questions About Attracting New Women

13.Does it teach me to get phone numbers that will actually get answered?


However, let me give you some more perspective on the issue…

The reality is that (apart from being a “normal person” who sometimes misses a call due to being busy) some women will screen calls from new phone numbers (i.e. let it go to voicemail). If you leave a message (which I don’t recommend) and you haven’t followed The Flow properly, the woman will be unlikely to want to call you back or speak to you again.

For example: One of the main reasons that guys don’t get their calls answered is they fail to develop a proper connection with the woman (Step 3 of The Flow) and only focus on using attraction techniques to spark her interest before getting the number. When you use the techniques in The Flow to properly connect with a woman as well as attracting her, she will definitely be keen to hear from you again.

14. Will The Flow help me develop my sense of humor to get women more attracted to my personality?


I know how bad it feels to work up the courage to actually crack a joke in front of a woman you like, only to get NO LAUGHTER in return…just silence and the girl losing interest in you. That sucks!

When you read The Flow, you will discover tested, word-for-word examples of hilarious humor that you can use in various situations (i.e. when you first meet, during the conversation, on the phone, on the date, as the dating relationship progresses). The examples in The Flow are ones that I use in my own life to attract women and maintain their interest. The humor that you learn in The Flow is guaranteed to make women more attracted your personality, without you having to change anything about who you are as a person deep down.

15. How much does The Flow talk about maintaining a woman’s interest and attraction?

All of the techniques in The Flow will help you spark and maintain a woman’s interest. You will stand out from other guys because you won’t be making all the obvious and subtle mistakes that they make around women. Unlike in the past, you will now find it simple and easy to maintain a woman’s interest from the first conversation all the way into a relationship.

Questions About Attracting Women You Already Know

16. Will The Flow allow me to get a girl who has already turned me down?


Watch the video below:

17. Will The Flow help me get an ex-girlfriend back, even if she’s no longer attracted to me?

It depends.

I’ve heard from plenty of guys who’ve used the techniques in The Flow to get their ex-girlfriend back, but my techniques for getting an ex back are in the program, Get Your Ex Back: Super System. Some guys use The Flow to go out and pick up new women, get their ex jealous and then hook up with her. However, if you want to get your ex back without picking up new women, then use the strategy provided in Get Your Ex Back: Super System.

18. Will The Flow techniques work on women I already know?


Honestly, I get e-mails almost every day from guys telling me how they’ve used The Flow techniques to finally get a girl (that they already knew) to become their loving girlfriend. I did it myself when I originally discovered The Flow techniques and in my case, I was a nervous wreck around the girl for about the 6 months that I knew her. I thought I’d screwed my chances with her for life, but just as suddenly as I started using The Flow techniques when interacting with her – she changed how she treated me, became increasingly attracted to me and weeks later we began an amazing, sexual relationship. Admittedly, I broke it off after a month because I realized that she wasn’t all that good anyway – with my newfound confidence, I was hooking up with way hotter chicks than her. It’s up to you though – use the techniques and you will have the power of choice.

19. Is there anything about how to get out the “just friends” situation with a girl?


When a woman says that she just wants to be friends with you, she actually means “I am not sexually attracted to you, please understand that…”

The Flow will teach you how to make her begin feeling intense sexual attraction for you, so she sees you as a lover or boyfriend, rather than a just a friend. Then, simply follow the remaining steps of The Flow to begin kissing her, having sex with her and enjoying a relationship with her.

Questions About Relationships

20. Will it help me start a relationship correctly, so it turns into something serious and long-term?


The Flow will help you understand how to establish the correct vibe between you and a woman, so the relationship has a chance to become something long-term. However, for a more advanced education on relationships, I recommend that you watch The Modern Relationship and Better Than a Bad Boy.

21. Is it possible that the techniques can make a woman fall in love with me as opposed to just attracting her?


Attracting a woman is just the beginning of The Flow. To cause a woman to fall in love with you, she must also have a deeper, more meaningful connection with you. You will learn how to easily create that all-important connection when you read The Flow.

Questions About Sex

22. Will I get laid by using the techniques?


By following the 4 steps of The Flow properly, your interaction with a woman will naturally lead to sex.

Why is it that simple? The Flow is based on the flow of a natural, sexual courtship. It works with nature and leads you and the woman to sex. Guys who find it hard to get to sex with a woman are usually trying to work against nature (e.g. they don’t do the things that sexually attract and interest women).

The Flow will teach you how to make a woman want to have sex with you. It will also teach you how to tell if a woman is sexually interested, so you can make a move without getting rejected.

The Flow

Old edition: 127 pages / 43,792 words.
New edition: 231 pages / 80,088 words

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Questions About Conversation

23. Does The Flow contain dialogue taken from your interactions with women?


The Flow includes many word-for-word examples of what to say, with explanations on how and when to say certain things to women. Note: If you need extra help with conversation after reading The Flow, I recommend that you listen The Ultimate Guide to Conversation.

24. Does The Flow include ice-breakers and ways to keep the conversation going?


The Flow includes ice-breakers and ways to keep the conversation going. However, if you need extra help with conversation after reading The Flow, I recommend that you listen The Ultimate Guide to Conversation.

Questions About Confidence

25. Will it help me become less shy?


Personally, I used to suffer from social anxiety, which meant that I would usually get nervous and shy in social situations when the attention was focussed on me. Life as a shy guy is a boring, lonely and frustrating experience. The Flow will provide you with the exact techniques to unleash your confidence and become the guy you’ve always wanted to be. Note: If you need extra help with confidence and overcoming shyness after reading The Flow, I recommend that you listen to Mastery Methods and Mindsets, watch Alpha Male and watch Dating Power.

26. Will the Flow help to improve my self-esteem?


All of the techniques in The Flow will improve your self-esteem in different ways.

Note: If you need extra help with building self-esteem, check out Mastery Methods & Mindsets.

27. Will The Flow teach me how to become a more confident and outgoing when around women?


The Flow includes my fundamental techniques for becoming more confident and outgoing. If you still need help after that, simply keep learning from our other programs to build even more confidence and skill with women.

28. Can you really become more confident around women?


You can become more confident with anything in life. You just need the right information to point you in the right direction. The techniques in The Flow are guaranteed to make you more confident with women and in life.

Questions About Whether it Will Work For a Guy Like You

29. How can you be so sure the Flow will work for me?

1,000s of guys from all over the world have already proven that it can work for any guy. Although you are a unique individual, the problems you are experiencing with women are common and can easily be fixed.

When you use the techniques from The Flow, they are guaranteed to work for you. I’m sure that it will work for you because I have personally coached hundreds of clients (of various nationalities, ages, physical appearance, etc) and seen them succeed by using The Flow techniques. ONE THING remains the same every time: When the client uses the techniques from The Flow, he gets results with women. It’s simple and it works.

30. How is The Flow better than all the other books out there?

Most “dating ebooks” are not written by people who are successful with women. Do a search for the name of the author in Google images and include the word “girlfriend” in the search term. You will see that most “dating gurus” are frauds.

I am one of the only legit dating gurus in the world. My advice has been tested and proven to work in my life, by the 100s of clients I’ve coached in person and by the 1,000s of guys who purchased and used The Flow in their life. Some success stories here.

31. I’m really very skeptical. Can you share some success stories from your readers first?

Sure thing.

I understand that you may be skeptical. It may seem like we make a lot of bold claims about what you can achieve with The Flow, so here are some recent success stories from readers.

32. Does this stuff really work in real-life situations?


Real life is where all the techniques, concepts and methods in The Flow come from! I’ve been teaching guys how to approach women in real-life situations (like bars, bookstores and shopping malls) for years and it always works. Readers of The Flow have also been using the techniques for years and enjoying easy, consistent success with women. Unlike 95% of the “dating advice” that you will find online, all of my advice comes from real-life experience and success with women.

33. What is the success rate of guys who’ve read your book?

I don’t have the exact percentage.

However, I can say that I have never heard a guy say, “The Flow didn’t work for me”. That just doesn’t happen, because I tested The Flow and made SURE it worked before writing the book. Read what other guys are saying about The Flow here.

Questions About Buying The Flow

34. Is anything sent via postal mail when I purchase The Flow?


The Flow is an ebook, which you can download instantly after your purchase. Nothing will ever be sent in via postal mail referring to your purchase of The Flow. We respect your privacy.

35. Is there a money-back guarantee?


Read The Flow and use it in real-life situations. If it doesn’t work for you, send me an e-mail or use our contact us form within 30 days to request a refund. However, as mentioned: I’ve never heard a guy say that The Flow didn’t work for him, so if you’re thinking of buying and asking for a refund, you will need to explain yourself.

36. Can I get The Flow from a bookstore?


The Flow is only available here at The Modern Man. You can download it right now and start learning immediately. If you prefer reading from paper pages (like a physical book), feel free to print out a copy of The Flow for yourself. We don’t ever plan on getting The Flow published and put into bookstores. It’s too much hassle and we’d rather just sell it here at

37. I don’t have a credit card which makes buying over the internet difficult. How else can I get it?

You can use Pay Pal or send money directly from your bank to ours. More info about payment options.

38. Do I need the “Adobe” reader to read The Flow?


Most computers, smartphones and tablets are able to read PDFs without you having to download anything. However, if you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, you can get it for free here. There is also a link to get it on the download page for The Flow (after you’ve purchased), so you can get it then if you prefer.

39. Can I buy The Flow in my country?


The Flow can be purchased from anywhere in the world. You will be able to download it instantly after your purchase. The Flow is not available in bookstores or other shops; you can only purchase it online.

The Flow

Old edition: 127 pages / 43,792 words.
New edition: 231 pages / 80,088 words

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