Will she ever want to be your girlfriend?

Will she ever want to be your girlfriend? Or does she only ever want to be friends?

You know a woman and you really, REALLY like her but for some reason you can't seem to get her to go out with you. Is she playing hard to get or does she want to show you that she's just not interested in anything sexual or romantic with you?

Besides her coming right out with it and saying, "I'm not interested in you in that way" or "I don't want to date you" there are other clear signals that you need to know to avoid wasting your time and energy on a woman who is unattainable for you. Let's take a look at some easy-to-read (once you know them) signs, which reveal to you that she thinks you'll never be "the one" for her. At least then you'll know that it's time to move along to find a woman who wants to be your girlfriend.

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Is Anyone THAT Busy?
You finally work up the courage to ask her out for a specific night and she tells you she's busy, so you go ahead and suggest another day/time. Again, she says that she's busy (she has other plans, she has to work late, she has another date, etc.). You suggest another time and she says something to the effect of "I’m pretty busy, I don’t really have time to catch up. I’ll have get back to you sometime."

What she is really telling you is that she'll get back to you when hell freezes over! In short, her schedule is never going to be "free" to go out on a date with YOU, so look for someone more available. Most women won’t just say, “Hey, look I am not interested in you at all, so please don’t ask me out again” because they don’t want to hurt your feelings and they don’t want to get into an argument with you. They just want you to get the hint and leave them alone.

A variation on this scenario is when you ask a woman out and she reluctantly agrees to go out with you, but just before your date rolls around, she calls you to cancel because "something came up." True, it's possible that she has a legitimate reason for canceling your date, but it's also possible that what came up was a better offer and she really didn’t want to see you anyway. So, if she doesn't suggest an alternative time for you to get together, or if she cancels on you more than once, take the hint and don't ask her out again. Find a woman who will clear her schedule to spend time with you.

The Friend Zone
Maybe you're simply a friend to her and that's all she wants to see you as. If that is the case, you and this woman are probably pretty close as friends. You can talk for hours on end and you share your deepest secrets with each other. She may even tell you that you're her best friend and that she loves you. The problem is that some of the things she talks to you about are the other men she's dating or has a crush on.

This type of woman usually only thinks of you more as her buddy or her "brother." She wants to be close with you, but she just doesn't want to be THAT close with you. In other words, hugs and affectionate kisses on the cheek may be part of your relationship with her, but she doesn't feel any sexual chemistry with you and she has no intention of having sex with you...ever.

If you can't handle knowing that you'll never be more than her friend, then you have to end the friendship. Find a woman who wants to be your friend and your lover. If you can handle it, accept it, be her friend and start dating other women. Don’t blame yourself because one of the billions of women on Earth doesn’t want to be your girlfriend. It is normal and natural because no-one is compatible with everyone.

"I Want You to Meet My Friend"
Women who recognize that a guy likes them, but who aren't interested in him the same way will often suggest that you might like to meet a friend or relative of theirs. When she says, "I want to set you up with my friend, Amy," what she's really thinking is, "You're a nice guy but if I can get you to focus on my friend, maybe you'll get the idea that I'm not interested in you and you'll leave me alone."

"Uh huh, Uh huh"
If you're talking to a woman you like and the majority of her responses are along the lines of "Uh huh," or "Um, yeah, I guess, whatever," as she focuses on almost anybody or anything other than you, then she is trying to show you that she is not paying attention to you and she's not interested. Move along to another girl who will really listen, respond and who finds you fascinating. However, before you do, make sure you learn how to talk to and attract women properly. The reason a woman will behave in that way is because you're making a bunch of mistakes that are turning her off at a deep level. Learn, correct your mistakes and then enjoy easy and natural success.

She Thinks You're Funny...But Not in a Good Way
You like a girl and you finally get up the nerve to bring up the subject of the two of you dating and she then makes a big joke out of it and says something like, "You're so funny! We'd be like a match made in an insane asylum."

No, it's not that she thinks you were kidding. You freaked her out but she doesn't want to hurt your feelings, so she's the one who is now making a joke so she doesn't bruise your ego too much and ruin the friendship. Sorry, but you're not going to change her mind by saying, "No, I'm serious. We should go out together. We'd make such a good couple. We get along so well....blah, blah blah." Don't embarrass yourself by pleading with her. Be grateful that she likes you and respects you enough to want to let you down easy.

She's Just Not That Into You
In an iconic episode of the popular sitcom "Sex and the City," one of the main characters, Carrie, meets her girlfriends for a drink and brings along her boyfriend, Berger.

One of her friends, Miranda, laments about a date she recently had where the guy she went out with didn't want to come up to her apartment after the date. Her friends commiserate with her and give her a variety of reasons why he didn't want to spend the night. Miranda then asks Berger what he thinks and he reluctantly tells her, "He's just not that into you." Berger goes on to explain that if the guy really liked her, there would be no reason good enough for why he wouldn't want to spend the night. At first the women argue with Berger, but eventually Miranda and the rest of the group have to agree with his logic and thank him for saving them precious hours, days and weeks waiting for someone who wasn't that into them.

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