Over the years, many guys have asked me, “Dan, why don’t women like me? Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?” and luckily I really do have the answers. So, if you’re wondering why you haven’t had sex in months or can’t seem to find a nice girl to have a relationship with, it might be time to ask yourself the question: What is it about you that may be turning women off?

Are You a Good Guy With Good Intentions When it Comes to Women?

A good guy with good intentions being rejected by women
Most women want to find themselves a good guy to have sex with, get into a relationship with and potentially marry if it feels right. Yet, just being a good guy who has good intentions with a woman isn’t actually enough for her to want to be with you sexually.

You also have to make her feel sexually attracted to you. Without sexual attraction, there is no reason for her to be anything other than a friend or a stranger to you. Sexual attraction has to come first, even before getting her to like you as a person.

When a woman feels sexually attracted to you, the fact that you are also a good guy is a welcome bonus to her. However, goodness is not what makes a woman feel sexually attracted and experience feelings of intense lust for a guy.

One of the many ways to make a woman feel sexual attraction for you (I teach more than 100 different ways to naturally attract women) is to display confidence around her. The more confidence that you allow yourself to feel around her and in social situations, the more she will naturally feel attracted to you.

I’m not talking about having the type of confidence where you show off, be loud or try to be the center of attention. I’m talking about the type of relaxed, masculine confidence that women feel attracted to and other men respect. Having the right type of confidence is just ONE of the ways that you can attract women, but it is a very important piece of the puzzle.

If women don’t currently like you very much, you probably don’t have a lot of confidence around women at this point in your life, right? Maybe you are the type of guy who feels a bit shy, nervous or self-doubting around beautiful women. Even though you know that you are a good guy and that a woman would be lucky to be with you in a relationship, you can’t help but feel unworthy when you interact with women that you’re really attracted to.

You try to stop yourself from feeling nervous around attractive women, but you can’t. She notices that you’re nervous, tense, anxious or intimidated by her and it turns her off. Why does nervousness and anxiety turn women off? Women are naturally attracted to the strength in men and turned off by the weakness.

When you display mental and emotional weakness (e.g. nervousness, self-doubt, anxiety) it literally turns the woman off sexually. If you want to be able to naturally turn women on, ONE of the things you need to have is relaxed, masculine confidence. When you make women feel attracted to you as a result of your confidence, the fact that you are also a good guy is simply a welcome bonus to her.

Improving on Your Weak Points

Rejected yet again...
Every guy has weak points that he can improve upon (e.g. confidence, conversation, lack of a sexual vibe, etc). Although every guy is unique, the problems that he experiences with women are very similar (or the same) as most other guys that I’ve helped. So, don’t think that you’re a special case who can’t be fixed: Your problems and issues with women are normal, common and absolutely fixable.

If you tired of wondering, “Why don’t women like me?” and would rather be thinking, “Which woman out of the 20 who like me will I allow to be my girlfriend or have sex with me?” then you need to focus on becoming a lot more attractive to women.

A woman’s attraction for a man is based on many things, but it mostly comes down to your confidence, masculinity (how you think, behave and take action) and your social skills/social intelligence. All of those things are listed below.

Attractive to women Unattractive to women
Confident behavior. Shy or nervous behavior.
High self-esteem. Low self-esteem.
Good conversationalist. Has trouble keeping a conversation going and keeping it interesting when talking to a woman.
Flirts during conversation to create a sexual vibe. Sticks to polite, friendly conversation and doesn’t create much or any sexual vibe.
Confident body language. Insecure or nervous body language.
Has high standards with women and only accepts truly compatible women as his girlfriend or lover. Hopes to get lucky with pretty much any half-decent woman he meets.
Alpha male behavior. Lower ranking male behavior.
Emotionally strong/secure. Emotionally weak/insecure.
Has many friends or a small group of great friends who respect him. Doesn’t have many good friends or has friends who don’t respect him.
Has a life purpose and is going after it with unrelenting determination. Hides from going after his true purpose in life out of a fear of failure or for any other reason.
Makes a woman feel like a woman (e.g. girly, protected, free to be feminine) when he interacts with her. Makes a woman feel masculine and awkward when he interacts with her, by places women above him in terms of dominance or value.


Do I Have to Become Something I’m Not to Get Women to Like Me?


Getting women to like you is not about changing who you are deep down as a guy. It’s about adding to who you already are right now. It’s about becoming stronger and more well-rounded (e.g. conversation skills, ability to flirt, confidence, purpose in life, more charismatic, etc) than you already are. It’s about being yourself, but being a better version of who you are right now.

If you want more women to like you for who you are, you have to become a better, more stronger and complete version of you. For example, you may need to learn how to loosen up in social environments and be your real self instead of putting on a shy, vulnerable persona in a mistaken attempt to get people to treat you in a more gentle way.

You may also need to learn how to be more honest with women by communicating your sexual interest in them during an interaction, instead of acting like you just want to be her friend or have a pleasant conversation.

You may need to stop being so nice or polite to women and start flirting with them and creating a sexual vibe, in addition to being a good guy. Just being nice to women doesn’t create sexual attraction, so you have to add in the things that do. Being a good guy is great (that’s the approach I teach here at The Modern Man), but you must also display the traits and behaviors that cause a woman to feel sexually attracted to you.

Don’t Let the Best Years of Your Life Waste Away

I'm a good guy...why don't women like me?

Guys who struggle to get women interested are usually the type who avoid socializing and meeting women as much as possible. Before they know it, another 10 years have passed and they realized that they’ve just wasted a decade of their life hiding away in fear.

At that point, they may still be asking themselves, “Why don’t women like me? What am I doing wrong?” not knowing what you are learning right now. You have managed to find my website out of the hundreds of millions of sites online, but the question is, “Are you going to learn from me, or are you going to run away from this opportunity?”

You can make women feel attracted to you. Don't waste the best years of your life thinking that you can't

If most of your free time (outside of work or study) is spent sitting alone at home and you are letting your days and nights waste away, week after week, month after month…what do you expect will happen with women?

The questions you need to ask yourself are not, “Why don’t I have a date?” or “Why don’t women like me?” but, “Why am I not improving my confidence, conversation skills and attractiveness to women?” and “What am I going to achieve by staying at home alone and avoiding women out of fear?”

When it comes to finding a lover, girlfriend or wife or even just getting a phone number to call and set up a date; nothing happens until you do something. You have to take a chance and do something.

When you see a great opportunity in front of you, don’t hide from it…try it. If you hide from the great opportunities that come your way, most of your life will be spent on the sidelines.

Take action.

Do what you need to do to succeed.

Give yourself permission to believe in yourself. If these guys were able to do it, so can you.

I Transformed Myself From a Guy Who Got Rejected or Dumped, to a Man That Women Cannot Resist

I got lucky when I scored my first real girlfriend, but because I was insecure and didn’t know how to maintain a happy relationship, she ended up cheating on me and then dumping me. I was devastated and lost a lot of confidence in myself. After being lonely and getting rejected for years, I eventually began to wonder, “Why don’t women like me? What is wrong with me?”

No-one that I knew had the answers (there weren’t any sites like The Modern Man back then), so I had to work it out on my own. Eventually, I worked up the courage to go out approaching women with a friend every weekend until I discovered what I now teach here at The Modern Man. When I discovered what I now teach here at The Modern Man, women began flooding into my life and it has been that way ever since.

When I first broke the news to my girlfriend that I teach guys how to be more successful with women, she was a bit shocked and asked me, “What exactly do you teach guys?” Most women are expecting that I will be teaching all sorts of nasty tricks to manipulate women, but they are always happy to hear that I’m just teaching guys how to be natural, confident men.

My answer to her was simple , “How to make women want him.” She asked, “How do you do that?” and I replied, “Well, that’s a secret, but it starts with teaching a guy how to attract women by passing her tests and by turning her on in many different ways at once.”

I explained to her that when a guy begins interacting with a woman, the woman will do all sorts of things to test his confidence (e.g. look him up and down in an uninterested way, not contribute much to the conversation, pretend like she is really difficult to be around, pretend that she isn’t interested, etc) to see how confident he really is.

If the guy becomes nervous and begins to doubt his attractiveness to her, the woman knows that he isn’t mentally and emotionally strong enough to handle a girl like her. She feels turned off by his lack of confidence and can’t get herself to feel much attraction for him, if at all. My girlfriend’s eyes lit up, she started to laugh and then admitted, “…that’s EXACTLY what we do…!”

She went onto explain that she is able to determine a guy’s confidence very quickly at the beginning of an interaction by simply observing how he responds to her challenging behavior. She said, “Most guys buckle under the slightest bit of pressure” which is true, because most guys don’t even know how to attract women and how to handle the tests that women put them through…which is why I have a job here at The Modern Man! I help guys like that all day long here at TMM.

Personally speaking, my girlfriend had never met a guy who is as confident as me around women. Some guys appeared to be confident with women initially, but they’d then buckle under the pressure that she creates in the interaction. Why did she do that? She was trying to find a guy who was strong enough (mentally and emotionally) for a girl like her.

Before she met me, she’d never met a guy who was able to maintain his confidence in his attractiveness to her, no matter how much she tested him. To this day (2 years into our relationship), she STILL tests me. The tests that women put guys through NEVER stop. Why? Women feel attracted and turned on by a guy who doesn’t buckle under their pressure.

Testing you and seeing that you respond in a confident way makes her feel more attraction for you. While we men like a woman to keep herself LOOKING good, women are mostly interested in a guy being STRONG (mentally and emotionally).

By the way….

I am still the same good, honest, nice guy that I was before discovering how to be really confident and make women feel intense sexual attraction for me. I haven’t had to change into an asshole, jerk or bad boy to succeed with women. It’s so much more simple and authentic than that.

What I can teach you via The Modern Man is how to get women to like you and love you for YOU. It’s a really cool power to have and 95 out 100 guys will never have it because they don’t even think it’s possible!

Can You Imagine What Your Life Would Be Like if Most Women Really Liked You?

Can you imagine women feeling attracted to the way that you responded to their tests and challenging behavior?

Can you imagine being the rare guy who actually understands women and attraction?

Can you imagine having so much choice with women that you literally have to begin rejecting offers from women?

Imagine this…

It’s a Saturday night and you’re talking with a few beautiful women. You are surprised to see that they are hitting on you. In fact, they are competing for you. When you wake up on Sunday morning with one of them next to you in bed, you take a look at your phone and see a text message from another hot girl who wants to see you. That’s the life that other guys are living and you can have too.

Your lack of success with women is not something that cannot be fixed; I help guys fix the same problems that you have with women EVERY day. Two weeks from now, you can be having sex with a woman who is excited to be with you or you can be jerking off to porn and then feeling that lonely, empty afterwards like you usually do.

Your choice…

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