How to Pick up Women in a Bar

Learn the skills of picking up women at bars. Discover what to say to get her back to your bedroom the same night...

Before you learn how to pick up women in a bar, you need to know one thing: It’s easy and is one of the fastest ways to find a girlfriend, or get sex on the same night you meet a woman.

A lot of guys want to pick up women in a bar, but they end up just standing there all night, wishing something would happen. So, I want to teach you how to cut through the bull and get the women you want.

Firstly, a common question I get when it comes to the subject of how to pick up a woman in bar is, “Is it better to approach women on their own, or in groups?” Most guys would choose to approach the woman with the smallest possible audience. That my friend is a sign of fear...and women can smell fear a mile away.

Set yourself apart by being the one guy willing to walk up to a whole group of girls.

  • Speak to everyone in the group: Talk about what you’re up to that night (e.g. out for drinks with friends to have a good time) and ask if they are celebrating a special occasion.
  • Increase the odds: Reduce the possibility of rejection by not trying to pick up any woman, until you’ve seen who likes you the most. Talk to a few different women around the bar before deciding to zone in on one girl for the night.
  • Crack some jokes: Keep them laughing and don't be afraid to make fun of yourself in a charming way. If someone makes a joke about you, turn it around on them. (I'll give you a great example if you enter your e-mail at the bottom of this page).
  • Make her relaxed: Your vibe will determine how women respond to you. If you’re having fun, while demonstrating relaxed confidence – women will flock to you. If you’re nervous and jittery, they will run from you or openly reject you.
  • Touch her: Single out the girl who is paying you the most attention. Reach out and grab her necklace and ask if she bought it or got it for a present. Let her know that she has good taste.

Would you like to learn more about how to pick up women in bars from a man that has personally approached over 3,000 women in many countries around the world? Hi, my name is Dan Bacon and I’ve totally mastered the art of picking up women in bars.

With my guidance and the expert advice from the other Modern Man coaches, you will quickly master the only PROVEN, start-to-finish system in the world for picking up the hottest women in bars. You will learn everything from what to say when you first walk over, all the way to getting back to your bedroom and enjoying a night of pleasure, as well as then making her become your girlfriend.

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“I was surprised at how it worked because I haven't had much success with women over the last couple of years. I said what you recommended I say to the female bartender at my local bar on Sat night, then she gave me her number. She came over to my place for dinner on Wednesday and stayed the night! Thanks guys - your stuff really does work and I'll be checking out more of your products now for sure"
Andrew, Melbourne, Australia
“...Hi Dan, I bought 'the flow' a few weeks ago and it rationalized for me the now obvious things I was getting wrong. Particularly chatting the right way at a first meet in different situations. Anyway, I was in a crowded bar with some pals, trying to get served. I was next to a really hot girl, who was also out with her pals. I started chatting to her about how its great fun bumping into people while getting served. She chatted and joked and by the time we both got served I had moved the conversation on to all sorts of more flirty stuff. She was too.

We both went back to our pals but I could see her glancing at me across the bar. When she went to the bar again I made a point of standing next to her and the conversation got real fun and flirty and lots of laughs.

She put her no. in my phone and I said she was cool but I was with my pals, so I'd be in touch. The next day I texted her and she quickly texted me back. We exchanged texts for a few days then I arranged dinner. The date went well, lots of fun and things have moved on well, so we see one another regularly. She is 26 and I'm 56.

I'm so grateful to the 'Flow' as it prevented me from chickening out after the first chance encounter and helped with the correct approach for a 'bar' situation. "
Grahame, CA, USA
“I listened to your program on Thursday day, then went out with a friend to a bar on Friday night and ended up kissing a girl within 30 minutes. I am still amazed at how much I've changed. Later than night, I got 2 other phone numbers, so I am going to date those girls as well...thanks a lot Modern Man - your stuff works!"
Richard, New York