How to pick up women in a bar

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The first thing you need to know about how to pick up women in a bar is this: It is fun, exciting and is the easiest way to get phone numbers, kiss women and have sex on the first night.

How do I know this?

I have personally had sex with more than 250 women and I also spent 3 years taking guys out each weekend to approach and pick up women in bars. The result of all that experience is an 8 hour video program called Dating Power.

Conversation Mistakes to Avoid

When you’re looking to pick up women in a bar, there are some classic conversation mistakes to avoid. If you make these sorts of mistakes, most of the women you meet will quickly become bored of talking to you and either reject you or begin to ignore you.

My approach to conversation when picking up women in bars is to be confident, relaxed, easy-going, flirtatious and charming. Flirting is an essential part of creating a sexual vibe between yourself and a woman and it’s something that you should actively do.

Some guys avoid flirting because they assume it might come across as sleazy, but it’s actually the way that women want to be spoken to when you’re attempting to pick them up. Watch this video for more info….

Do You Freeze Up When You Want to Approach a Woman in a Bar?

Most guys would love to be able to pick up women in a bar, but when they get there, it just feels too daunting. All of a sudden, they begin feeling nervous and worrying about whether or not they might get rejected. If they don’t work up the courage to approach, they will often end up standing around all night, hoping that something might happen so they can get lucky.

How about you?

Do you get nervous when it comes time to approach women in bars? Do you run out of things to say when talking to women you like? Are you able to get phone numbers and pull one night stands?

Personally speaking, I used to freeze up and get nervous when I saw beautiful women that I wanted to pick up in bar environments. If I did manage to get myself to approach, I would appear nervous and intimidated. So, I fixed my issues and improved myself.

Something that a lot of guys don’t realize is that women don’t want you to feel nervous about approaching them. Women will act as though they aren’t interested in you, or they will not contribute much to the conversation as a way of testing your confidence.

They don’t want you to squirm, get nervous and run away.

They want you to relax, be confident and believe in yourself no matter how much they test you. Why? Women are attracted to the strength in men and turned off by the weakness.

Women are instinctively wired to breed strength into the human race, not weakness. Nature urges women to breed with strong men (e.g. confident guys), while we men are urged to breed with beautiful, healthy women.

Approaching One Women or a Group of Women

A common question that I get about how to pick up a woman in bar is, “Should I approach women on their own, or women in groups?” The answer is: It doesn’t matter. What matters is that when you approach the woman or women, you allow her/them to experience your confident, cool and charismatic personality. When you do that, women will naturally open up to you and want to keep the interaction going.

Personally speaking, I enjoy approaching groups of women because when girls in the group notice that their friends are attracted to me, it makes them feel jealous and left out.

They see that I am a valuable guy and want to compete with their friends to get my interest. The more I get them competing against each other, the more they cause themselves to like me and begin falling in love with me.

Then, I just transition to kissing one of them and then leaving to have sex that night…or, at the very least, getting a phone number to follow up later.

Interacting With a Group of Women in a Bar

When talking to a group of women in a bar, make sure that you:

Speak to everyone in the group: Don’t make the mistake of focusing on only one woman. Make sure that you display good social intelligence by talking to everyone in the group.

If you come across as a sneaky pick up artist who is just looking to score, then most women will try to get you to leave the group.

The Modern Man approach to success with women is to focus on being a social, cool, easy-going guy and to not use weird pick up tricks on women. It’s about getting women to like you for you, so don’t put on an act and don’t get all sneaky about it either.

Just be your normal, cool, confident self and go from a conversation to a phone number, kiss or to sex that night.

Use flirting body language: You must ensure that you create a sexual vibe between you and the women, otherwise it will eventually feel weird that you are talking to them for so long. They will begin to wonder, “Does this guy want to be our friend? Is he gay? Does he actually like any of us?” The easiest way to create a sexual vibe is to use flirting body language.

Crack some jokes: If your conversation style is too reserved, the women will eventually lose interest. You’ve got to loosen up and get the women laughing and enjoying the interaction with you.

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