Dating Advice Question and Answer SeriesWhat do you say to a woman after the conversation starter?5:33

(5 minutes, 33 seconds)
Dating Advice Question and Answer SeriesHow do you overcome the initial fear of rejection when you want to approach a woman or ask her out? 6:23
Dating Advice Question and Answer SeriesHow do you get out of the friend zone with a woman and start dating/having sex with her instead?9:28
Dating Advice Question and Answer SeriesWhy do women always go for bad boys?6:40
Dating Advice Question and Answer SeriesWhy do women play hard to get, especially after you've shown them that you're interested?6:22
Dating Advice Question and Answer SeriesHow do I get the confidence to approach women?9:46
Dating Advice Question and Answer SeriesWhy does she always talk about other guys who like her?6:54
Dating Advice Question and Answer SeriesHow do I tell a woman that I have feelings for her?6:32
Dating Advice Question and Answer SeriesHow do you approach women during the day? (Bookstores, malls, etc) 10:21
Dating Advice Question and Answer SeriesCan I recover from a bad first impression I made on a woman?11:07
Dating Advice Question and Answer SeriesHow do you pick up beautiful women who play hard to get?10:08

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Why Do We Have Other Programs in Addition to The Flow?

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During the 4, highly-revealing interviews (approximately 2 hours each), the Naturals share their secrets for making new friends, approaching women, talking to women, escalating to kissing and sex, getting out of the friend zone, going on dates and being in relationships. As we quiz them about certain topics, they also provide very specific examples and techniques, such as: How to stop a woman from playing hard when communicating with her via text messages, getting a phone number from an air hostess, picking up at a BBQ type party and so on.
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How is This Program Different to Alpha Male Power?

Alpha Male Power teaches you everything you need to know to become and be an alpha male, so you can walk through the world with confidence, be respected by people and most importantly, be naturally attractive to women. Better Than a Bad Boy teaches you how to be what women (and people) refer to as a "real man," how to instantly connect with women in a sexual and loving way, have purpose in life and go after it without fear, rise through the levels of life and reach your true potential as a man.

The advice in Better Than a Bad Boy will teach you exactly how to be a strong, masculine and powerful man that women respect, love and feel a deep attraction for. The advice is applicable whether you are speaking to a woman for the first time, on a date or 10 years into a relationship. Regardless of whether you are talking to her for the first time or in a relationship, a woman wants you to be a real man. If you are only "half a man," she will only feel half the amount of love, attraction and respect for you that is possible. Better Than a Bad Boy is about being the type of man that women instantly and continually feel a deep love, attraction and respect for.
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It's a fact of life as a man that if you think like a lower ranking male (e.g. beta male all the way down to omega male), you will naturally experience anxiety, nervousness and unnecessary fears in social situations. However, when you think like an alpha male, you will naturally experience confidence, calmness, self-assurance, high self-esteem and a sense of power and control. Read: The Consequences of Not Being an Alpha Male
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During the 3, enlightening, inspiring and highly-motivating coaching sessions (approximately 2 hours each), you will hear me coaching a client and providing solutions to the many problems he has been experiencing as he tries to improve his success with women. The mistakes are common, but only some guys make them and end up experiencing problems. Click here to watch the video about Coaching Call Breakthroughs and learn more.
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