Today we’re talking about hottie’s, models, 10s, beautiful women – whatever you want to call them! The kind of women who make you STOP dead in your tracks and STARE in amazement at their beauty. We’re also going to be talking about how you can find and meet these beautiful, sought-after women.

We’ll start off with a success story, which may end up turning into a failure story unless the guys makes serious changes very soon. It was sent in by a guy called Jens in Canada. Make sure you read Jens’ story so you can fully learn from his mistakes. Otherwise you too may ruin your next opportunity with a hottie.

Let’s begin…

Success Story and Question

“Hi! I have bought your book and things are going quite well. However, I am now looking for your advice and feedback. I live in Vancouver, and was recently in Europe on business. I saw and approached a stunning girl, went out with her a couple of times before going back to Canada.

We have stayed in touch, and have a very nice connection. We are planning to go somewhere beginning of September to spend time together (we cannot meet earlier due to both of our schedules). Here is my question. I think I am quite serious about this girl, but long-distance relationships are never easy.

You want to keep the momentum to show your interest, but on the other side don’t want to call or email too often to look needy. I have sent some flowers and necklace for her bday, which was a nice success – obviously I can only focus on what I can control (and don’t worry if other guys are hitting on her…I mean she is a solid 10, so of course guys are all over her, but I believe if I can show her that I am sincere and care, it may be all good.

But I also don’t want to get into the nice guy category, so I throw in some stuff like how sexy she looks on pictures she sends me.) Anyhow, just looking for some thoughts to keep the momentum, also to prepare for our time together in September so it won’t be awkward. You know what I mean…how many emails or text messages are too much (she is Brazilian, so passionate, jealous, looking for the guy to take charge, etc.), and when is it important to show that I care.

I assume that short messages are sometimes better than long winded emails. A last note…I always had problems approaching girls, but after reading The Flow, I can just walk up to a girl, don’t think of the “desired outcome” but just make conversation and be funny. And it works! Thanks very much, would really appreciate your thoughts and advice so I don’t mess this one up!

Best regards from Vancouver, Canada. Jens”

Reply From Dan

First up, congratulations. You saw a beautiful woman, approached her and are now looking at a possible relationship with her – fantastic! Yet, by the sound of it, you are ruining your chance with her.

You said, “I mean she is a solid 10, so of course guys are all over her, but I believe if I can show her that I am sincere and care, it may be all good.” Not necessarily. If she is a solid 10, then you can be pretty sure of this:

  • She gets drooled over by men all the time, wherever she goes.
  • 99% of the men she meets and dates end up following her around like puppies… either from the beginning or eventually.
  • 99% of those men want to get serious with her ASAP before any other guy takes her away. (This is what you are doing and it’s one of the biggest TURN OFFS for hot women).
  • When a guy acts “too nice – too soon” (before she has done enough to earn it), a woman sees it as a sign of neediness and she loses interest.
  • You want to show her that you “care,” but a woman doesn’t care about that unless she is sexually attracted to and REMAINS feeling that way.
  • You’re most-likely making her feel as though you are lucky to be with her. Beautiful women don’t want to feel like they’re doing you a favor by being with you.

You also said, “…but I also don’t want to get into the “nice guy category”, so I throw in some stuff like how sexy she looks on pictures she sends me.” Okay, now we’re getting somewhere!

I recommend taking it up a notch and telling her to stop sending such tame pictures of herself and start sending some sexy ones. If you want, include a a winky smile 😉 when you send so that she knows you’re joking/flirting with her. Not only will she laugh and feel compelled to send something sexier, but she’ll be amazed that you had the balls to say something like that to her. She will attracted to your confidence to say and do whatever you want.

She will also realize that her beauty doesn’t scare you and doesn’t give her the power in the relationship. Compare that to all the other guys who are too scared to say or do anything out of the ordinary around her, in fear of getting on her bad side. Imagine how weak she perceives those guys to be.

Think about it…

The people you admire most are often the most REAL and honest people you know. NOT the pretenders. You also said “…and when is it important to show that I care” By the sound of your e-mail, you haven’t even gotten physical (i.e. kissed or had sex) with this woman. Yet, you have already been buying her GIFTS and now you want to show her that you care?


Don’t try to buy her. You can attract her with your confidence and get her to fall in love with YOU. Gifts might make her smile for a minute, but she doesn’t want to have a relationship with a gift, she wants a real man.

I have to be cruel to be kind here man and ask you: What do you “care” about? If you care about your chances of having a relationship with a 10, then you are doing it wrong. You need to make HER care about wanting to be with YOU. You said, “I think I am quite serious about this girl” Good for you, but who cares? Only you do. You have to make HER want to get serious with you. Of COURSE you want to get serious with her – she’s a 10.

Success Story

“Hey Dan, i’ve been reading The Flow for the last month or two, getting steadily better meeting women in bars, and just generally taking an interest in talking to people socially where i may not have bothered before.

This weekend, i was in a bar filled with dudes as per usual when from across the other side of the room, an unbelievably beautiful blonde girl in her early 20’s came out of the bathroom. We looked each other and rather than my usual lingering around wondering what i should do, i gave her a cocky smile and walked straight over to her. I introduced myself confidently, got her name then looked her up and down and took the piss playfully out of her dress sense.

She immediately kicked me in the shin but obviously loved it and began putting her arm round me and getting really flirty. Next thing i’m stroking her cheek complimenting her eyes. I told her she should give me her number and got it no problems. This girl was bullsh*t hot and completely ‘out of my league’!

I amazed myself just how easy it was with the right confident attitude. All this happened within minutes! Just got to wait another day before i call her now 😉 Cheers. Mike, NSW, Australia, 30yrs old.”

Reply From Dan

She kicked you in the shin? I’m laughing my ass of here…the best part was what you wrote after that, “She immediately kicked me in the shin but obviously loved it


She then put her arm around you and continued the flirting. Most guys lose confidence when a woman hits them on the arm, or physically pushes them – but that is one of the ways that women will FLIRT with you. It’s also her way of working out whether or not you are truly confident or just putting on an act, because if you can’t handle that from her then you DEFINITELY won’t be able to make her feel what she wants to feel in the bedroom.

By the way…

I would normally say “No” to complimenting a woman on her eyes, but I can see that you have done it in COMBINATION with flirtatious touching and playfully arrogant humor. Some guys wouldn’t realize it, but what you’ve done there is a PERFECT example of what women see as charming. Back that up with confidence and the ability to actually approach and meet beautiful women and you are set for life.

Sounds like you’re getting it Mike – well done. Enjoy the great times ahead with women!

Success Story and Question

“Hi, I’m 21, from Northern European country Estonia and here is my story…. I’ve started constantly dating women when I turned 18 and knew much about pick up…

Can’t say it was bad, but it wasn’t that good…. success was about 50% and relied on fake lines… (it wasn’t me at all) When using your theory I really felt being natural, being myself….when I was going out I always had the edge…I could feel it…. But there’s a catch….

A time ago I was afraid that some girl would break my heart and leave me.

Now, I’m not sure that any woman is ever good enough to fall in love with, when I can have another next weekend…

PLEASE could you give me any advise on that ?? So now I’m in a relationship with a model type woman, a year older than me and really want to work out cause at least I care this time… any advise on that ?? P.S.Thank you fo the Flow”

Reply From Dan

Firstly, congrats on hooking up with a model and enjoying your current relationship with her! Nice work my friend, nice work. Next, onto your question…

You said, “A time ago I was afraid that some girl wil break my heart and leave me, now I’m not sure that any woman is ever good enough to fall in love with, when I can have another next weekend…”

I’m glad you brought this up. When you’re having sexual relationships with several beautiful women at the same time, you begin to realize that you no longer have to settle for second best, or for whatever you can get. This works in your favor because women can TELL when a guy has his choice with women.

As you will have experienced in your life, beautiful women LOVE guys like that. They love guys who are challenge to acquire and steer well clear of needy, insecure guys who WISH they could be with them. You said, “So now I’m in a relationship with a model type woman, a year older than me and really want to work out cause at least I care this time…”

If you want to keep your current girlfriend and enjoy a loving relationship her, then I recommend that you do so. Falling in love with a woman when it’s a mutual feeling is amazing. You won’t be afraid of love if you’re a real man who has a life purpose other than just a relationship with a woman.

To make the relationship last, make sure that she is more into you than you are into her. (I talk about this in more detail in The Flow). If she gets the sense that you like her more than she likes you, she may put up with it for a while – but you’ll probably be dumped for another guy somewhere along the line.

Enjoy the relationship. Fall in love with each other, but and don’t get too caught up on what the future holds for your relationship. If the subject comes up, tell her that you think she’s a great girl and tell her how much you’re enjoying the relationship, but also let her know that you want to take things as they come. Let her be the one worrying if it’ll last.

Success Story

“Dan Bacon, you’re truly a Godsend! All my life I’ve struggled with learning the right things to say to women and the right way to act to seal the deal.

I’ve seen a lot of people who had the secrets but were never willing to share and explain in the right way, plus it just felt too embarrassing to ask. But thanks to the time and money I invested into ‘The Flow’, I am now starting to gain attention from the model kind of women that I know I deserve to make it with!

I’m currently talking to a Puerto Rican lady but that’s another story… Thanks for making this book, Dan! I wish you have sex with many swimsuit models to come! Arize O., 21 – Cerritos, California”

Reply From Dan

Swimsuit model? How did you find out about her?! 😀

You deserve all the success that is coming to you. Enjoy the great times ahead with women!

By the way…

If you haven’t taken the leap to try one of our amazing training programs here at The Modern Man, then do so now. These are the BEST years of your life. Don’t waste them settling for second best with women or for NOTHING at all. Stop jerking off to porn and start having sex with real women. If these guys can do it, so can you.

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