6 Ways to Get a Girlfriend

Use my proven ways to get a girlfriend to find the loving, sexual relationship that you are dreaming of right now...

In the modern world, getting a girlfriend is actually quite easy. There are more ways to get a girlfriend than you probably realize. Let me get you started with 6 ways to get a girlfriend that have been proven to work by me and my customers here at The Modern Man:

  1. Go to bars on weekends: Popular bars always have loads of single women standing around waiting to meet a guy like you. If you don't talk to these women, you won't have a chance to make one of them your girlfriend. My favorite conversation starter for bars is, “Hey, I thought I’d come over and be social...I’m Dan, what’s your name?” It starts things off on an easy-going vibe and helps the woman relax and open up to you.
  2. Ask your friends to set you up: One of the best ways to get a girlfriend is to ask your friend if they know anyone they can set you up with. If your immediate friends don't know, ask them to ask people that they know. Most women love to help with setting up a couple, so when word reaches the women in your social network, things tend to move forward quickly.
  3. Go speed dating: Speed dating is one of the quickest ways to get a girlfriend, because you only have to talk to single women, who are actively looking for a boyfriend.
  4. Announce it on Facebook: Post a status update that reads, "Announcement: I am bored of the single life now and am looking for a girlfriend. Do you know any quality women that you can set me up with?" Some of your Facebook friends will joke around with you in their replies, but many will usually take it seriously.
  5. Participate in local social events: Almost any size town has some type of social event that you can participate in. Simply introduce yourself like this, "Hey, my name's ________ ...it's my first time at one of these events...how about you?"
  6. Increase your standards: Guys who are ready to accept almost any type of woman, usually get nothing. You may see beautiful women you're out in public, but you never make a move because you think they are too pretty for you. There is no such thing as a woman who is to pretty for you. Remember: Most beautiful women that you see have ordinary, average looking boyfriends. Why? 99% guys are average looking. It is the women who are the pretty creatures of the human species.

    You'll find that when you increase your standards and only go for beautiful women, women will notice subtle changes in your body language, behavior and words and begin to offer themselves to you more easily.

If you want to learn more ways to get a girlfriend, then don't click out of this site. I want to help you get a girlfriend right now and I guarantee that if you follow my advice, you will.

Who am I? My name is Dan Bacon, founder of The Modern Man. If you’re looking for reassurance that you not having a girlfriend right now is not your fault, I can offer you that with ease because I’ve been there too...unlucky in love and feeling completely hopeless about my situation with women...thinking “Is there something wrong with me? Is there some reason why I can't get a girlfriend?”

Today, I have all the answers to the dating questions that drive men crazy all over the world. There are loads more ways to get a girlfriend that I want to tell you about right now, if you'll just take the next step. Geeks, nerds, jocks and all the guys in between are welcome to learn here at The Modern Man.

Simply click below to get started and I’ll show you the fastest ways to get a girlfriend, plus how to keep your new girlfriend interested in you once you get her...

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“I was surprised at how quickly it worked because I haven't had much success with women over the last couple of years. I used your conversation techniques on two women that I approached in a bar a month ago and the 2nd one ended up coming home with me that same night...and now she is my girlfriend. As it turns out, her and I have heaps in common and we're already falling in love. Just wanted to tell you guys that I'm glad I decided to use your advice because it worked so well for me..."
Andrew, Melbourne, Australia
“....just by reading your newsletter I found that I was already getting better with women, no techniques, just me growing in confidence and social skills.

Then, of course I signed up for the dating power online course with the techniques I learned, I literally skyrocketed. Every morning after I would go out there were at least 4 new friendship requests on facebook from some girls I probably wouldn't even recognize. I have a girlfriend now, great girl, looks great, she's smart, fun to be around.

I had to 'win' her. Before I met her she was dating 2 other guys and she was saying the same sweet words to all of us. I wanted her, she was a challenge, so what did I do? I went out, found some prettier girls and started dating them, then she noticed and wanted to date me more often. I told her that if she wanted me, she had to choose, I asked: who will it be, if you chose any of the other guys, I will be gone, forever. Crawling back to me later on will not be an option. We have been together since!”
Z, The Netherlands.
“I listened to your program on Thursday day, then went out with a friend to a bar on Friday night and ended up kissing a girl within 30 minutes. I am still amazed at how much I've changed. Later than night, I got 2 other phone numbers, so I am going to date those girls as well..."
Richard, New York