Have you ever approached a woman who was out of your league, but you still somehow managed to get her phone number and then get her to go out with you on a few dates?

It all seemed to be going along fairly well initially, but she then lost interest in you all of sudden.

Sound familiar?

Why does it happen?

Essentially, you would have either been behaving in ways that caused her to lose attraction and respect for you, or she was playing hard to get to see if you would continue to pursue her.

If her loss of interest was due to her losing respect and attraction for you, then here’s what you need to know:

When a woman doesn’t respect you as a man, she can’t feel lasting attraction for you and both respect and attraction are missing, she won’t be able to develop feelings for you and want to be with you sexually and romantically.

Some of the most common mistakes guys make, which result in a woman losing respect and attraction, include:

  • Being too nervous around her, which results in her feeling turned off by his lack of confidence and assuming that sex would be awkward and uncomfortable between them.
  • Being too nice and polite to the point where she feels as though he’s trying to suck up to her, because he doesn’t feel good enough for her, or is trying to manipulate her.
  • Having boring conversations with her, which results in her feeling as though a relationship would be boring.
  • Not being enough of an alpha male around her, which results in her feeling stronger and more dominant than him.
  • Being too afraid to kiss her when the time is right, which results in her feeling turned off by his lack of confidence, or assuming that there isn’t enough of a spark between them for a kiss to happen.

Wasting Your Time on Women Who Aren’t Right For You

It is frustrating to invest your time on a woman, only to have her reject you.

It’s even worse when you don’t know why she rejected you.

Approaching new attractive women can make you feel anxious, uncomfortable, sick to the stomach and fearful of being rejected.

It can also make you begin to wonder whether or not you should accept a less attractive woman, so you don’t have to face up to talking to attractive women.


Before you ruin your life by accepting lower quality women than you deserve, let me help you become confident and know exactly how to attract pretty, beautiful women from the first moment you begin talking to them.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew how to approach an attractive woman and get her to fall in love with you within minutes?

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew how to have sex with her on the first night, or better yet, have her trying to make moves on you?

Well you can.

You really can.

Yet, if you don’t know the confidence secrets I teach here, you will likely NEVER have the kind of confidence to approach a woman who you perceive to be ‘out of your league’ and talk to her with the confidence and self-belief that she expects in a man that she will date.

She will sense your nervousness and self-doubt and even though she might feel a little interested, she will have to reject you because she doesn’t want to have an insecure boyfriend.

Guys like that are usually a nightmare for attractive women, because the guy will fall madly in love with her and become increasingly possessive and clingy as the relationship continues.

The reality is that beautiful women are not only looking for a man who is isn’t afraid to approach them, but are also looking for a guy who can NORMAL around them because he is confident and believes in himself.

Most guys freak out when around beautiful women and suddenly show all sorts of signs of nervousness (e.g. twitchy or tense body language, unable to maintain eye contact, speaking too fast, seeming unsure of himself).

This is a huge opportunity for you.


Beautiful women rarely get hit on correctly, so they have to reject 99% of the guys who try.

If you want to do it right, here are a few beginner tips to approach a woman who you see as being out of your league:

  • No compliments unless you are a really confident guy: Every other guy has already told her how beautiful she is, so unless you are really confident (which means that you will be naturally attractive to women and easily able to hook up with women), then don’t compliment her in the hope that it will make her attracted to you. Instead, ask her questions about herself, but be sure to talk about yourself as well – she needs to find out what you are like as a person too.
  • Be sexual: A squint of the eyes with a mischievous smile says to a woman, “I like you and you like me too.” This is called flirting and it is essential for creating a sexual vibe between you and a woman.
  • Let her do the chasing: Be the one who is deciding whether or not she is good enough for you, instead of hoping that you are good enough for her. She will find your confident approach to be exciting and mysterious and she will be drawn to you like a magnet. Most guys do not have the balls to do this, which is what sets you apart.

If you are willing to approach a woman and do something unexpected, you will be amazed how easy it is to date hot women.

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